Mary Warwick
Courtnee Draper
Courtnee Draper as Mary Warwick
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by: Jacob & Lucas Barnes (1997)
Jennifer & Sarah Haas (1998)
Courtnee Draper (2002)
Duration: 1997-1998 & 2002
First appearance: June 6, 1997
Last appearance: October 22, 2002
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: Bradley Bell
Other names: Margaret Warwick (name at birth)
Erica Lovejoy (alias)
Gender: Female
Born: June 6, 1987
(originally June 6, 1997)
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Parents: James Warwick
Sheila Carter
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Daisy Carter
(maternal half-sister)
Ryder Carter
(maternal half-brother)
Diana Carter
(maternal half-sister)
Marital status: Single
Grandparents: Damon Warwick
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Mary Warwick I
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Unknown man
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Molly Carter
(maternal grandmother)
Aunts & uncles: Sarah Smythe
(maternal aunt, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Lucy Romalotti

Mary Warwick II is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Actress History:Edit

  • Jacob & Lucas Barnes (06/1997-12/1997; recurring)
  • Jennifer & Sarah Haas (01/1998-10/1998; recurring)
  • Courtnee Draper (04/2002-10/2002)

Other Information:Edit

  • Mary Carter Warwick II (full name)

Character History:Edit